Monday, March 7, 2016

Welcome back to 2016

We have a new year - a new crew and lots of excited crew members !
In fact it has been so popular that we have had to split them all up into a Tuesday Crew and a Thursday Crew
This means we have to be super organised and super duper on to it !
Not only are they learning new roles, jobs and responsiilities they have to make sure the shows are ready to go the day before
We are so organised at the moment we have presenters all ready for the next two weeks - we have video footage for adverts, whats up and the rest of the show !

We have a new Tricaster so thats made a big difference to us - it is all digital now so we should see better picture and sound quality !

We are sorry it has taken this long to get up and going and we will retrospectively post the February shows as they get processed the OLD WAY !

we have 2 to go up so expect them soon !

march 3 and march 8 are ready to go now so we will post this soon

Thanks for being part of the MVTV experience - after all - you are the audience and without you we wouldn't have a reason for MVTV !

if you are watching the show from overseas please email Mr Gover to tell us about it - we would love to make a Viewers Map for MVTV from all over the world



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