Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Very Keen Crew !

This year we have just on 40 children who are in the MVTV crew !
they are such a keen bunch of children and I have managed to find all of them jobs to do to contribute towards the show !

We have children who are the film crew - they are out and about most days filming bits for the show -
Then we have the video editors who come in at lunchtime each day to help with the editing ready for the next show....

And thanks to Miss Chester we now have a script writing crew who meet on a wednesday to write the scripts for the next week - so I have to be super organised ready for them by Wednesday morning !

And we have a P.R. crew who go round getting classes to present on the show each week - right now we are booked 2 weeks in advance - now thats dedication for you !

I have a budding "TECH CREW" who I take around with me teaching them about the problems we have, how to solve the problems and what to look for...
Each show and practice they are out and about checking the teachers laptops - making sure MVTV is streaming to the classes and today they took "Camilla" apart and totlaly re wired her with the new hardware and software - a great achievement

Watch out the Camilla Crew when you come in tomorrow and see it - - DON"T mess it up or you will have Liam and his "Tech Crew" to answer too

We have 3 new Execs this year too - they are responsible for the running of the show - they make sure everyone has done their job by 8:00am each morning of the show, then they start the practice...

And then there are the Graphics Crew who do all the graphics and pictures for the show
...the Tricaser Crew who manage to put all the bits together to create what you see on screen
... the Visual Communcator Crew who have the script ready on the prompter
...the Sound Crew who work the sound desk and make sure its all OK !

and we cant forget the Floor Manager, the Camera people, the Mic's people and many more !

so you see it takes a lot of people to make an MVTV show

and you have to remember they are just 10-12 year olds ...

BUT they do such a fantastic job....

Me - I am in the credits as crowd control !

MVTV - authentic learning - learning to do the real thing with the real thing

After 12 years of doing MVTV and over a 1000 kids through the MVTV experience I can tell this year is going to be a good one

Enjoy the shows !

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