Tuesday, October 14, 2014

9 October 2014

Today is the second Thursday in the school holidays and we are at school at 6:15 - in the morning....yes in the morning !  We pack the cars with all the gear and 24 children, 5 cars and 7 adults are off to Rotorua to the Ulearn Conference 2014.
We are presenting a workshop on MVTV to the teachers who attended Ulearn and it went very well. We were running late because of the traffic and arrive in Rotorua 20 minutes before the workshop starts. We set up the TV studio in the room and the sound desk didn't want to work, the graphics computer was not showing the graphics but we soldiered on.
From our point of view it was the worst presentation because it all didn't work properly but from the participants point of view it was the best ! They said later it was great to see that it all doesn't work 100% or glossy looks, it was great that it did have issues !
And the best part was that the students, the MVTV crew remained clam and collected and worked through the problems getting it all working in the end. They didn't scream for mr Govers help and instead they worked quietly and calmly to solve the issues. It was great to watch and showed the children knew how to sort it and work under pressure to make it work. And make it work they did, even with a few laughs in between !
We had lunch and then at 1:30 we did the second workshop on 3D Printing and Robots and that was fantastic !
We left the Conference Centre at 4, had Pizza for tea and was back on the road by 5 and then back to MVS by 8:00.

Pictures will follow !

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