Thursday, October 16, 2014

16 October 2014

The show went relatively well today until TriCaster crashed and then we had to do a re-start !
It is the longest 90 seconds ever while you wait for it to re start......
The sound desk problem was fixed on Tuesday so it was all go there as well. It turned out it was a loose card in the desk so it was fixed in a few minutes.
The VC PIX computer didn't want to go so we took it out to the caretakers shed and took the video card out and blew it with the compressor air hose and then we did the computer as well. It was a good case to start up the sinuses as there was a lot of dust. We put it back together and it worked so it was a combination of dust and re setting the video card !
The new Year 6 crew start training next week so its going to be a bit crowded in MVTV as we make the transition.
The Year 8 crew come back this term for 3 weeks as trainers only and it's their job to get the new crew started, then after that the Year 7's take over and by the end of the term they should be ready for the first show of 2015 !

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