Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Comments on MVTV from the magazine

Shanti- For about a year, I worked on doing Graphics for MVTV, then I eventually became an Exec in Training. Graphics and basically everything in MVTV is really fun and you learn new things and make new friends. Graphics is a fun way to unleash creativity and artistic skills, and there are many other great opportunities. MVTV is one of my favourite extra-curricular activities. Yes, MVTV is a big commitment, but it’s worth it !

Lily- I always loved MVTV i joined about 2 years ago in year 5 while I was still learning and started at graphics. once I became good at graphics and other people started trying it I became floor manager I enjoy everything about MVTV and I love what it feels like to work for other people, and help them in anyway you can. I feel like it helps give me a taste of what it will be like when I'm an adult. As well as being a step up on technology when I go to high school.

Sean- For about 2 years I’ve been working in different areas of MVTV but my main job was sound. I love MVTV because it gives me an opportunity to learn and work my leadership skills I really enjoyed MVTV this year and last. I also love being in assembly crew.

Mayling- I have been working around floor manager for the past year I started in term 3 of 2018 and  I have loved the variety of jobs and opportunities. The MVTV space is amazing ,being able to come in any day and see everyone so happy to be there. Mr Gover is so kind and caring always  making an effort to say good morning to everyone around.I have found that working as floor manager is wonderful because you get to be out front and see everyone's effort and coordination to make the show run smoothly. MVTV has been a huge commitment but totally worth it.

Leah- During the time I’ve been in MVTV I’ve loved it! Doing birthdays is a fun and cool way of expressing myself by choosing different fonts and fun backgrounds. Being in MVTV is also an exciting way of meeting new people and seeing what their up to in MVTV. 

Blair- At the start of the year I was on sound but then I was given the opportunity to go onto script not sound so now i’m on script it is one of my most favorite jobs of my mvtv career.And I also like that I had the chance to help with Assembly’s and production.

Savannah- I always love walking into the MVTV room on Tuesday mornings because everyone is very inviting and are always there to help one another. My role in the MVTV group is usually Floor manager, Roll, Graphics, Going around the classes to see if their MVTV is working or Script. I started MVTV in Year 6 and ever since, I have always enjoyed showing up and participating as a team. MVTV teaches me valuable tech skills such as how to download and edit footage, work the cameras and mics and work together as a team to get the job done.

Samantha - I started MVTV helping my sister. I started to come to the MVTV prep and became part of the crew. I love how many opportunities I have gotten over this year. I have done birthdays for most of the year but then I was promoted to exec in training. I also learnt how to do sound and that have given me a lot more opportunities. Over the year I got to do Sound, Script, Floor manager and many more jobs. I am excited to learn a lot more next year!

Kate- Last year I started MVTV-I was doing graphics with Shanti. This year I got to join the assembly crew, and it has been great! I still do graphics, and it is an awesome way to use my creativity!  MVTV has been a great experience and has taught me some cool skills!

Zahin: MVTV has been an amazing learning experience for me. Ever since 2017 when I joined. I have learnt how to use industry standard equipment, met many people and developed lifelong relationships. I was selected to be part of assembly crew in 2017 along with the amazing opportunity to be part of ULearn in 2017 and 2018. I worked very hard to earn the role of becoming an MVTV Exec and I became one in early 2018. This meant that I share the role with 5 other Exec’s to help assist with running the show with the rest of the outstanding MVTV crew and Mr. Gover. Exec’s also have the very important role of hiring new crew for the next year and selecting people to take part in Assembly Crew. MVTV has taught me many life lessons and given me many once in a lifetime opportunities. MVTV has also helped me make lifelong friendships and I strongly suggest that anyone in MVS should give it a go. Even if you are in year 3, try it. You will love it! Trust me. 

David- I started MVTV at the start of 2019 and have enjoyed since. I started coming in last year but I couldn’t come because I didn’t have time which was a big regret because how much you can learn. Being in the MVTV crew gives you more of a benefit in times like production movie making because we have to edit to get to the top. MVTV has taught me a lot of things and has much more to share so I’m going to work harder and maybe become an MVTV Exec.

Cory- I have been in MVTV for 2 years and I take up the role of an exec. I make sure along with 5 others the show stays to a good standard and help fix things when they are not working. Next year I pass on my role to others as I am off to high school. 

Dohee- I have joined MVTV around the start of this year ,I enjoyed doing my job as the roll and filling in for someone that couldn’t come that day.People taught me how to do the job they currently did and I could help anytime.It was great that I could be able to fill in for most of the jobs including the presenters.

Leon - I joined MVTV in Term 2 and so far I’ve really enjoyed working on cameras. I’m also learning Camilla. I’ve learnt a lot about all the effort that goes into making a show and I now know that every single job is really important - even if it’s something simple like muting/unmuting the sound. I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone else this year and I’m really glad I took the opportunity to join MVTV this year. There is a saying ‘if you love your job, you will never work another day’ and I’ve found this to be true with MVTV - it’s so fun and interactive and interesting that it do

Jordan - I joined MVTV at the start of the year, I've really been enjoying it as a great extracurricular activity, I get to hang out with my friends and try cool jobs that may help me in the future  

Sam - I joined up in 2018, and have settled comfortably into the role of Camilla. I’m really glad I started coming, because this has opened up a load of opportunities in the world of newscasting, and has always been an awesome way to spend a tuesday or thursday morning, especially when I’m presenting.

New Pictures - more added next week

2019 is drawing to a close so the Year 6 students are being trained by the out going Year 7-8 crew so that on the first day of 2020 - 
Tuesday ! we have the MVTV show and they KNOW WHAT TO DO !!!




SCHOOL TUBE for MVTV - click here for future shows

We are using School tube for all our video archiving from now on

the easiest way is to go to

type mvtv marina view in the search bar and then the shows will appear

find the channels box and click in the lastest box

thanks for all your support - comments and encouragement

Friday, September 20, 2019

MVTV - change of plans

In the last 2 months we have been having issues with Youtube and Google so we have decided to go back to SCHOOLTUBE as we have used it before
Once you go on you will be able to view "OLD" episodes dating back 2013-2014 etc - so good to look back on those - all anologue too so very square and fuzzy - how tech has changed !
Their new website has been re configured and works well so we will go forward with that
during the school holidays we will post all the episodes from June to now so when its done we will send the linkis via the blog...

There will be no MVTV week 10 as we have crew out in Korea and I am in China.....

we have created another channel to post videos from our production so the link will be up for that very soon


Thursday, June 6, 2019

MVTV June 2019

Due to some copyright claims these videos may be blocked in some countries (including NZ)
This is because classes may have used their music in their assembly items - we are sorry for the hassle I think it is the intro Kiwi but its such a short piece.. we shall see

4th June 2019

6th June 2018

11 June 2019

13 June 2019

18 June 2019   we did have the gremlins visit us today - sound issues but we got it back OK

20 June 2019     much better today... Phew !