Wednesday, October 28, 2015

MVTV Magazine pages

We recently got the crew to write something for our school magazine and this is what they came up with - such cool comments and observations - this is why we do MVTV !

Violet  MVTV was the best experience EVER !!! My job was Birthdays. MVTV had so many opportunity's like Assembly Crew and Ulearn. My job in Assembly Crew was lights and basically back up for everything else.
 Constantina  I joined MVTV in Year 7 and I love it, as it gives you so many opportunities like Ulearn and new learning experiences  My first jobs when I joined MVTV were Script and VC pix, these two jobs helped me have a great start to Assembly Crew (as i do Powerpoint) I then moved on to Floor Manager and Sound which helped me a bit with technology, Now I still do Floor Manager and I am also an Exec.  For Assembly Crew I my job is Powerpoint along with Kaitlyn, we do the senior assemblies. So each week we go down to the classes and ask them what their theme is, what they're doing and by Friday we make it all into 1 Powerpoint to show on the Projector.  And a very big Thank you to Mr Gover for letting me join MVTV and giving me all these  opportunities for my learning 

Emma  S.  What I like about MVTV is that you learn about technology things I didn't know and it encourages me that I can be confidant with technology too. I like MVTV and think its really cool.

Kelly. My job in MVTV is 'Graphics'. I create Powerpoints that represent different topics. MVTV offers many opportunities for new learning involving technology and has a large variety of jobs, giving everyone a lot of choices. One thing I enjoyed, was playing the TV show and the Skype call video in the production.
As well as that, I create a Powerpoint page for each class assembly that include hyperlinks to the lyrics of the chosen songs and any other Powerpoints or videos the class would like to show.  MVTV leaves unforgettable experiences with something for everyone.  
 Daniella  My favourite thing about ULearn was the opportunity to go there and all the technical gadgets that I got to see. I also enjoyed talking to the teachers about my role and what we do here at Marina View School. It really motivated me to look more into those types of software and technology.

Jack  Ever wanted to make your own TV show and have fun doing it?! Well that's what we do at MVTV every Tuesday and Thursday morning. People arrive from 7.30am to 8am to do this show. We jobs such as sound,tri-caster,camera and floor manager just to name a few.These jobs are an eye opener to the future and some of the jobs that are available.

Philip  I like MVTV because you get to work with electronics, do lots of jobs and go on trips

Jordan  My highlight of 2015 MVTV was becoming an Exec a year earlier than what you are meant to be.

Yuieong. The best thing about MVTV is to learn new jobs and have opportunities to do new things. I'm excited to learn and do new jobs in the future. 

Tieran. I love MVTV because all of the opportunities it has given me so far at Marina View, I hope at Rangitoto college they have some sort of MVTV, because I loved every Tuesday and Thursday from Year 6-8   

Kaitlyn. MVTV this year has opened so many opportunity's such as Ulearn and new experiences. My favourite part of MVTV this year has been setting up the shows and experiencing all the different jobs MVTV  has to offer. I’m going to miss being in the MVTV crew. 
 During these past 2 years in MVTV  I have been offered so many opportunities such as Ulearn and Assembly crew. MVTV is by far the best extra curriculum activity I've been involved in. I learnt more skills while being in MVTV. The skills I've gained are negotiation , problem solving and finding the most efficient ways to run the show. MVTV is fun and educational and I've enjoyed it thoroughly.  Mia

  I like MVTV because all the opportunities  in MVTV with all the technology especially script. Also I love MVTV because of all the different jobs . Ashely
I am a year 8 and MVTV is an awesome experience to be a part of, because it gives you great life skills and amazing opportunities. My faourite part is to be able be a part of the team. I will miss this next year and thanks so much Mr Gover for letting me be a part of it.  Emma

I like being involved in MVTV because of the nowledge am being able to learn, which is very different to anything I have learnt before. Also I like MVTV because of the jobs that are required when you first start training for MVTV and the opportunities here are very unique and can lead you to a job in the future. 
Another reason I like mvtv is because of the positive energy in the rooms when working on jobs for mvtv, I also like it when we are all able to collaborate our jobs together to make something more bigger and better.  fahima
I think MVTV is an awesome xperience for students to learn about what it's like to work in the TV industry.   I have had a very fun experience in MVTV and I look forward to my next year in MVTV.  I think the Ulearn conference is very good opportunity to show other teachers the things that we learn and do in technology and MVTV.  I would definitely consider doing assembly crew because it gives students the opportunity to help with the assemblies.  Caleb
 Getting the opportunity to help run the show and to learn the technological stuff that people use in their daily life. Before I joined the MVTV Crew I didn't know how to put batteries in, but Mr.Gover and his crew taught me how to with lots of things and without the crew we have now we wouldn't have got this far,so I thank you Mr.Gover for giving me this opportunity. Kiesha
 This year in MVTV I have learnt multiple skills through my jobs such as Sound and Exec. MVTV has also given me plenty of opportunities and experiences such as Assembly Crew and I even worked to teach teachers about MVTV at the U-Learn conference in Auckland.  As a Year 8 I will certainly miss being a part of the shows that happen every Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the terms.  Katarina

The best thing about MVTV is that I could have an opportunity to have new learning. It was also great because I had other team mates to help me carry on even when I did mistakes.  Amy L

The best thing about MVTV is that I could have an opportunity to have new learning. It was also great because I had other team mates to help me carry on even when I did mistakes.  Amy L

Thanks for showing me how to make a real MVTV show , working the TV monitor,and all the technology and learning you taught me. Marina View rocks ! Callum

I really enjoy MVTV because it includes technology and I love technology, you have a fun job to do. I feel really proud that I put work into the show when I can see the final show!  Jack F

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