Thursday, September 4, 2014

2 September 2014

Where do we start ? have you ever had a techno week from ?  We'll we had all in one day . In fact in one show. Power glitches and computer freezes and the screen prompt failed too. You name it, we had it !
BUT, we took it in our stride and soldiered on. Talk about just in time learning. Coupled with good problem solving skills and a big dose of thinking outside the square. And we finished the show.It's not a good example of what we normally do but it's a good reminder of what can go wrong and how to solve it. So a big learning curve . Enjoy the show and just remember this is a show made by 10-12 year old children.
MVTV is such cool fun.
If you are going to Ulearn 2014 in Rotorua.we may see you there on October 9. We are presenting two workshops and one is on MVTV.


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